Fees and Prices

In line with most other legal firms, we charge for our services either at an hourly rate or under a fixed fee arrangement. 

As the majority of our work is undertaken on behalf of governments, public authorities and non-governmental organisations, the fees we charge are normally negotiated or agreed as part of the required procurement process.

In all other cases, we are willing to negotiate and agree fees in advance. 

Our fees are normally based on the time spent dealing with a matter. Other factors may also be taken into account, for example, complexity, value, importance and urgency. Time spent will include meetings; any time spent travelling; considering, preparing and working on papers; file opening and compliance procedures; legal research; correspondence (including emails); preparing attendance notes; making and receiving telephone calls; and preparing and providing copies of documents for you after completion of a matter. In accordance with standard practice, we record time in six minute units. The agreed fees and exact basis for charging will be set out in the letter of engagement sent to clients.

There may be occasions where we need to instruct barristers or specialist consultants on behalf of clients. In particular, we have a number of specialist legislative counsel who we can instruct if new legislation is required. No instructions will be sent to barristers or consultants unless agreed in advance. Their fees (which will also be agreed in advance with clients) will be treated disbursements and will be charged in addition to our fees.

VAT will be added to all fees and charges where applicable.

We are willing to provide services on an urgent basis and will try to provide services outside normal hours if necessary.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority Price Transparency Rules set out the information authorised firms should make available to clients and potential clients. The Rules require firms to display prices only if a firm undertakes the following areas of work: residential conveyancing, uncontested probate, road traffic offences, immigration, excluding asylum, employment tribunal claims for wrongful and unfair dismissal, debt recovery up to £100,000 or licensing applications.  Knightwood Legal does not undertake any of these areas of work.  

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